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 I'm glad you've taken a moment to read about my adventures in life. My name is Betsy Burnett. My husband Adam and I have been married for going on 22 years and have 4 fabulous children. We are a typical family with 4 very active teenagers with the exception that we homeschool so that always proves interesting! 

Family life aside I believe giving back is the way to celebrate the life God has given me. I currently work part time as the Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator for the Christian Youth Center of Morris, help coordinate a food pantry, as well as other community and out reach projects, not to mention work year round packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child with my CrazyShoeboxCrew! 

Back in Jr. High School I was told that I should NEVER ever take up writing (such an encouraging teacher) but one day I realized I had something to say. I actually enjoyed telling about our homeschool adventures, what I was doing with my kids at church or even share projects I had created. 

One day I was driving to church early and got distracted while I was driving first it was the gorgeous spring flowers in bloom--oops I went off the road,  then it was someone's house that had been painted and updated off the road again, something else caught my eye and yup you guessed I drove off the road again. By the time I got to church I had done this several times and wondered what in the world happened? I don't normally drive like that yet not once or twice but 4 times had gotten distracted and driven off the road. It was then that still small voice spoke to my spirit and said "You'll drive towards what you focus on!"

I realized that so many times people, society in general liked focusing on the negative (myself included) and dwelling on those things could cause not only unhappiness and depression, but would cause me to miss the truly wonderful things that were happening all around me.  Yet as I learned on the road I'll drive towards what I focus on, so why not Aim towards the happiness, and love and joy that I see all around me. 

So here is where you can find not only projects I make, but stuff I do with my kids, the youth center and others in the community. You'll also find stories about my life and other things that happen. Here is where I can hopefully share with you how and why I  "Aim Happy"

Thanks for sharing my journey with me,


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