Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday napping

What is it about a Sunday afternoon that just SCREAMS "take a nap?" When the kids were younger, it was natural to take a nap after lunch on Sunday afternoon. Since the house is small and the kids didn't actually "sleep" if they thought something else more exciting was going on we got into the habit of napping on Sunday afternoon along with them.

Now that the kids are older they want nothing to do with taking a nap but oh I still do. There is something wonderfully delicious about being able to take an hour (or two ;) ) to do NOTHING, just close my eyes and take a sweet blissful rest. That nap seems to do me so much good, I wake up have a snack, and am raring to go with preparations for the week. That short rest rejuvenates me. Just being able to take some time off for well nothing. Seems to allow not only my body to rest but my mind to stop and be able to refocus for the week.

At first it seemed like a luxury, but as time went on I realized that when I got my nap the rest of the week seemed to run a bit smoother, I had a bit more energy to accomplish all that needed to be done. That seemed to be all the motivation I needed to keep up with the Sunday tradition. (That and the fact hubby notices when I don't get my nap..."Gee honey you seem a bit crabby did you get your nap today???) So if you are looking for me on a Sunday afternoon, look no further than my couch cause I'm probably napping!

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