Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The rest of the story

Have you ever come into a TV show in the middle and been totally lost? Or maybe picked up a magazine at the dentists office and found that there was a page missing from the article you were reading. Well today I had one of those experiences in real life!

I was driving my husband back to his truck at the truck stop (he's a semi driver) and we pulled into the gas station so I could fill up before leaving (and make hubby stand out in the cold to pump the gas *grin*. ) I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a pick-up truck driving in dragging one side and the side dragging was sparking something fierce! It drove down the 100 yards or so of the stations drive and came to a stop a few feet from us.

Hubby asked why I wasn't moving, I told me "because there is a truck coming at us at about 50 MPH and it's shooting sparks, looks like it's wheel is down to the rim" After the car stopped, I then turned around to leave and saw the truck front wasn't down to the rim it was down to the axil (or a-rod? as hubby called it? ) Wondering what happened to the tire, and the rim we drove away. As we got to the turning point of the drive we saw the tire and about 2 feet of rod sticking out the middle of the rim.

Anyway I dropped my hubby off and as I was driving back, I saw that the tire/axil a thing was found. I was going to snap a quick pix to document my story, but changed my mind, to my surprise it wasn't a guy that was picking it up but a very distraught looking lady. (You'd think decked out pick-up would naturally be a guy thing, I guess I was mistaken!)

Now I saw the end of the story. I'm not sure HOW that could have happened in the driveway of the truck stop, (you would have had to hit the curb might hard to do something like that) so I think something must have happened out on the road and the pick-up was driven to the truck stop in the hopes nothing would get worse before stopping. Since I saw the END of the story from the middle, I want to know HOW and WHERE and WHEN even WHY it happened. I guess I'll just have to guess and wonder!

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  1. I get that alot at work - we walk into the kitchen in the middle of converstaions and we always seem to walk in right when it sounds like something stand there looking puzzled and say Im just going to turn around now and walk back out and pretend I just didnt walk in on this convo kind of thing...

    But totally know what you make your own assumptions sometimes when you only have half the stick I guess...


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