Monday, November 17, 2008

I'll keep her around!

Some people are glass half empty, some are glass half full. I try to be optimistic but sometimes it just happens that things go wrong and you get frustrated not only at what happened but with yourself, it's then something happens to bring you back to the joy of life!

Today I was having a typical clumsy moment, I was in the kitchen grabbing a glass of water, I took a great big drink and totally missed my mouth totally soaking my sweatshirt in the process. My daughter was in the kitchen and I frustratedly told her "look what I did, I totally missed my mouth!"

In her typical optimistic attitude she said "at least you TRIED (to hit it)"

Her comment totally gave me the giggles and took the focus off what was wrong and onto what I did right. I decided that I think I'll keep her around *grin*

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