Monday, December 8, 2008

Of winners and dogs and cards and things

So today was another eventful day at our place! It started off early with me boxing up some goodies from the sale for some friends, having my youngest daughter wake up not feeling well, then involved me crating up two uncooperative cats for vet appointments. Then had me dropping off goodies for friends, finishing up school with the kids and then doing more packaging up of boxes. I also decided that I should make Christmas Cards. So my daughter and I cranked out 40 while watching Enchanted for the umteenth time. They had really cute Heidi Grace Christmas Card blanks at the sale and then vellum Christmas quote stickers top off with a cute squeeze punch cut out and some ribbon and I had some handmade cards in a flash.

Right at the end of the card making session we found that the dog had an accident (probably cause of the medicine she has been on) This was discovered AFTER she proceeded to walk through quick clean up of the Christmas cards, then shampoo the dog and I get to stay up shampooing the carpet. Just another day in our lives....My grandfather says that these are the best years of my life, I know someday I'll look back on them and agree it's hard to see when you are in the thick of things...LOL

As far as who guessed closest!!! it was Nancy she was about $70 under. It might seem like a LOT but considering all that I got it was a HUGE bargain....I have class materials for at least 12 classes (that will be embellished to the hilt) as well as fun stuff to play with and demo for a long time! Nancy, email me (or PM me through Fiskateers) your address and I'll send some goodies out.

Well the kids just came in to tell me the wet dog decided that she didn't need to get HER bed wet she decided to climb up on MY bed (where she is not allowed) and get my bed all wet....I'm so glad she loves me


  1. Congratulations Nancy!!! What a lucky gal. Enjoy!

  2. Congrats to Nancy and what a day you have had Betsy. Seems to be something in the air today my scruffy puppy was sleeping on our waterbed where she is not suppose to be!

  3. DOnt you just love it how its a mission to get them into the cage and they just want to stay out - then once you got there - they wont come out and once you get over the mission of getting them out they want back in lol...

    Sid was a bit like that, though he knew in his heart i was helping him...

    Thankfully the dogs are good Abby LOVES going in the car and gets all excited to see the vets - though when we had our girl Betsy I think she was a travel sick

    Congrats to your winner...

  4. Congratulations Nancy! Love your cards! Wow tomorrow has to be a better day for you Betsy!


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