Wednesday, April 1, 2009

10 things I learned today!!!

Life has been really crazy around here, Sick friends in the hospital still (kinda) hubby loosing his job, training conferences, Chocolate gardens and was actually a day I really got something accomplished and it was a very educational and profitable day!!! Thank the Lord for that!

1) When you redo your living and dining rooms do not I repeat do NOT let well meaning family/friends pack up your scrapbook area it has taken me 6 months to finally get things to where I can find them again (I'll get pix up when I get my computer back)

2) kids are the only people in the world who think crawling around in a 2 foot high "crawl space" filled with cob webs and who knows what under the house is cool, hubby requires oatmeal rasin cookies and promises of future offspring to go under there to install the dishwasher your mom got you for your birthday in June

3) Seed beads and plush carpeting are a really bad combination

4) Vacuum cleaner filters DON'T like seed beads (see number 3)

5) The dog DOES like seed beads (again see #3)

6) The kids think doing school work is more important than checking the fiskateer message board...(like what's up with that???!!!???)

7) Mac brain transplants only take 3 days vs. the 5-7 you were originally told (yeah for that)

8) When you invite a friend over for dinner and hubby gets mad at the dishwasher he is installing get dinner out of the oven first and then run for cover vs. the other way around or you will find yourselves eating crunchy scalloped potatoes

9) An unemployed hubby is handy to have around but it's difficult to get much done around the house unless you find a really good project to get him to work on that involves at least one trip to menards.

10) Rae sends cool SS gifts (that's darlin I loved all my goodies)!!!

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