Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite Memories of 2009

So needless to say 2009 was a rough year. My grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer. The company hubby works for went under leaving him to find a new job. Then mom got sick and she has been now undergoing treatment for gallbladder cancer. Finally I've been dealing with a few health issues myself!

Needless to say it's been rough...BUT in the midst of all of that there have been some fabulous moments.

My favorite has to be riding the dumbo ride at Walt Disney World! When I was in 6th grade my grandparents took us
to Disney. We tried numerous times to go on the Dumbo ride but every time we had someplace else we had to be! Grandpa was paying for the trip so he kinda ran the show and determined the schedule. One time we were even the next kids in line and sure enough it was time to go!!! It has become the family joke that I have lead a deprived child hood because I could not go on the dumbo ride!!! Well after CHA this year we took a side trip to Disney
first it looked like I wasn't going to get to go on the ride due to the fact it was down pouring.... I even went up a
nd asked them (I was told by the 20 something guy running the ride "sorry princess it's closed cause of the weather" (and no it w
as only little consolation that a 20 year old called me "princess") so we went on the carousel , but the skies parted long enough for them to start running the ride to get the water when the carousel was finished I jumped off the ride and RAN to Dumbo....(I didn't want to miss my chance if it started raining again) and YES I got one of the last tickets to get on the first run of the ride! I was almost in tears when I got off the ride as it didn't seem possible that something we had joked about for 27 years was finally coming true!

The other favorite memory of 2009 was a fabulous trip to Fiskars
s, we were treated like VIP's and got to see all the
wonderful people at HQ and all the cool stuff there! Then we went to fellow Fiskateer Louise's house for a party where we made orange and green jewelry, and tie dyed t-shirts.

Our party was followed by some wonderful fun and shopping at the Fiskars Warehouse sale!

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