Monday, January 25, 2010

I have a "woof" and I know how to use it

So this morning I looked out the back door only to see my cat "Socks" crouching protecting the stairs of the deck from a neighbors cat. (The cat apparently wanted my house to be his house) and when I called Socks to come in the other cat jumped over him and tried to come in. Sarah my dog decided she needed to go out at that time and I went to put her on the lead when she saw the "uninvited" visiter and before I had a chance to do anything took off running. She treed the cat and my cat sauntered over to the other cat with this smug look on his face. Meowing something that I'm sure consisted of " I have a woof and I know how to use it"

(Sarah then took off and roamed the neighborhood for the next 20 minutes, I finally found her after she had rolled in YUCK....and stunk horribly. Guess what I spent the next hour doing???)

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