Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The power of scrapbooking

One day I was at a used book sale. I was suppose to be selling but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to cruise to find a title or two. I had just rounded the 2nd corner when I spotted it. It was THE book. I couldn't believe it.

The book was called "The 50 states" and I had won it in 2nd grade. Oh I loved that book (I never really won anything so it was special on that account) but the book was cool. Neat snippets of information, cool pictures, stories about states, there were even these "transparencies" that overlaid the photos. OH I was taken back looking at page after page, reliving the reports I did with that book, reliving the games my sister and I played with the maps, reliving the time spent reading the book. I was instantly a child again. I was overwhelmed with the emotions this book brought out in me,

I finally paid for my purchase. Walking away I realized why this book was so special to me. There was power in it. It had everything my scrapbooks did, cool pictures, snippets of information, neat stories (and even an embellishment or two (transparencies anyone?) The book transported me to a place of my childhood, a place of the past that I wanted to remember.

When people ask me why I scrapbook, I share this story with them that there is an amazing power in my books. Where else can you bring memories back to life?. In a moment I can relive a child's first steps, or once again see Grandma's smile. I can enjoy the joy of a favorite toy or the sorrow of loved one's passing. And being a scrapbooker I have the power to create those books for those I love.

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