Friday, January 8, 2010

Time Peace

Like many women I wear probably too many hats. So many in fact my head never stays warm cause I'm constantly changing them : ) I am a mom, wife, homeschooler, children's pastor, work for the YMCA, plus teach scrapbooking and occassionally find time to write for a blog or two *grin.* Being the case my schedule is constantly filled. Filled with appointments, filled with assignments, filled with "to-do" lists, filled with shopping needs.

There are so many things that are clamoring for my attention and my time. Yet are they truly what's important? The bible tells us in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun. (3:1) Right now I am in a season of growing up a family. Because of this I have had to make peace with my time and peace with my schedule.

Peace in understanding my kids won't always be young. My time might need to be filled with things for them because I am blessed with this time with them as their mom.

Peace in knowing the joy of a hard days work. Sometimes I do need to be away. It can't be helped. Our family needs the extra income. I am blessed to have a job that understands my schedule and allows me to work around it.

Peace in accepting my "todo" list might not get done. It's easy to be list driven. Especially when overwhelmed. You know what needs to be done and you will get it done no matter what. Yet if I focus on the list, I might "miss the good stuff" ( Sadly I learned this the hard way! I am the mom that missed my oldest learning to ride his bike because I was doing the dishes ) Yes there are things that need to get done. But if I pay attention to what's going on around me I may be blessed with an opportunity I won't want to miss!

Peace in believing that my times are in Gods' hand and each day ordained for me was written in His book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139) He will guide my steps if I ask. I am blessed with a God that knows my days and blessed that if I ask Him he will help me fill them

Peace in sharing. My time is not always my own. I have been put on this earth for a reason. I have many hats and people need me. I am blessed to be a part of their lives!

Peace in keeping. I am the keeper of my time. What I do with my schedule thankfully is my choice. I decide how much tv I watch, and how much time I spend on the computer, I'm also the one that decides how much time I spend with friends and those I love. I am blessed that no one really makes those decisions for me.

Peace in giving (up) . I am the first to admit I can't do everything, but the last one to admit I need to "give something up" in my schedule (everything is important and they need me.) Sometimes in order to be a blessing to others, I need to tend to my own needs and give up activities that aren't beneficial. I am blessed with 24 hours in a day and they don't ALL need to be filled.

I don't want to live a life with regrets. I want to be at peace with the time I have used during my life. How about you? Have you made peace with time? Or are you still wishing there was more of it to go around? Are you cherishing the time you have or is it filled with so much you have nothing to do except fall into bed at night thankful that you could push one deadline back another day.

The Lord blesses us with the gift of time. In the book of Ephesians we are encouraged to "Be very careful then, (with) how you live--not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity. (5:15-16a) If you want time peace, make sure you are making the most of the time you have.

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