Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grandpa Bear!

I love giving handmade gifts, so it's only natural that I love receiving them as well. I recently received one of the most touching gifts I ever received in my life! My grandfather passed away a year ago. I really miss him. I loved talking to him and whenever he saw me he was ready with hugs and love!

My step-grandma knew this so when a worker from the hospice home offered to make a teddy bear from a shirt (or two :) of my grandpa's she knew exactly who she was giving them too. "Grandpa Bear" as I lovingly call him now resides on my bed. I love his hand sewn eyes, and the way they used the collar on his shirt to give the bear a collar. The pocket on the tummy is a really cute touch. Most of all though I love the fact it was something that my grandpa wore, and gives me a connection with him when I need it. Grandpa Bear is ready to listen, ready to hug when I need him!

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