Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Puppy love

Ok so we have a dog. Her name is Sarah. Sarah is a mama's girl (except when daddy's home then I become Brussels sprouts ( I can't say chopped liver cause well she eats everything except veggies.) Sarah constantly is getting into mischief. She eats the kids candy (and doesn't leave any trace of it being "puppy-ized"), she chews up scrap supplies (she KNEW she was in BIG trouble for that one,) she even manages to get into her own dog food and feed herself.

Mostly she likes to be with ME. If I'm in my room, she's there, if I'm sitting watching TV she's there next to me. If I'm working on the computer she's there at my feet. If I just so happen to fall asleep curled up on the love seat she manages to somehow join me. (And isn't it wonderful I have children that take pictures to record the moment?)


  1. LOL! Oh, Betsy! That is so my Java--but she is a cat!

  2. Isn't it wonderful Betsy. . . no matter how playful she gets she loves you. . . that really is a picture to be treasured.


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