Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I remember as a new mom just waiting for my very first Mother's Day. When the day dawned I waited eagerly for my husband to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. And waited and waited and waited....That first Mother's Day the very first person to wish me a Happy Mother's Day was a homeless guy from that attended our church.

This then caused the "TALK" with hubby it went something like this.

ME: "Honey, I'm hurt the very first person to wish me a Happy Mom's Day was a homeless guy from church"
HIM: "You're not my mom"
ME: "grrrrrrr"

So thinking I would get some help from his mom, when we saw her later that day.

ME: "Your son said he won't wish me a "Happy Mother's Day" because "I'm not his mom""
HER: (smiled)

Ok so obviously that didn't work. So we went for the talk.

ME: "Dear our son is 9 months old how in the world do you expect him to do anything for mother's day?"

HIM: "Well he will when he's old enough"
ME: "NOPE, YOU GET TO HELP HIM! If you don't teach him to respect me than who will!?"
HIM: (Sheepish Grin)

My husband has come a long way since that first mother's day. I normally get at least lunch out, not to mention some type of present. This year I got a patio set (ok so I picked it out and got a sweet deal (how can you beat $38 for a 6 piece patio set cause of stacking gift cards and sales?) but he did let me use the credit card for it.) We also went out for lunch. The kids made cards and my bed and helped me with other things (plus I get some slave labor tomorrow muahahahhahahaha. ;) When we got home I got to head into the craft area and create for 4 hours! And I didn't have to worry about telling who to do what when. So I really had a nice day!

Because of that first Mom's day experience and knowing we have some kids without dad in the picture, I try to have the kids at church make something really special for Mother's Day. This year I found a cool project on a blog called LULU'S TILES. I knew I had to do these with my kids. I altered her initial idea a bit to make the flowers a bit easier and add a bit more color and dimension. I loved the way they turned out. I was very impressed we had 15 today and made them ALL; complete with an emergency trip to Wally World cause I forgot my cricut mats and top coat of mod podge in about 1 hour and 15 minutes...yes they were still a bit damp when they left class but oh were they excited to give them to their moms and the mom's LOVED them.

Here were my kids finished projects (please note AND be impressed even my 15 year old made one (he did his a couple of days ago as my sample.) I was really excited how well they turned out!

I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Supplies used: Canvas-Blick's, patterned paper-Making Memories, assorted buttons, Cricut- All Mixed up font, assorted Ribbon, punches-round and round and tear drop, Mod Podge, glue dots.


  1. So darling! And LOVE the mother's day story!



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