Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can one say loony bin?

In the course of the past month my husband has totally changed jobs, I started working with ShopHop Productions, we have had 1 graduation AND my daughter graduates from 8th grade in June (meaning ceremony and party to put together.) Plus we had our first night of Youth Group at church. Oh and I can't forget on the crafty side; 3 classes, 2 demos and 1 women's conference (that I spoke at) this month. It's been CRAZY around here!

I think the biggest adjustment (besides getting used to 2 in high school) is having my husband home every day. I went from seeing him a couple of days a month to having to share my space in the house with him!!

Here is something a wrote just a few months ago about his life over the road (and me being a truckers wife)

My life as a Trucker's Wife. by Betsy Burnett

Your kiss still lingers on my lips

You gave it just moments before.

Sometimes it seems the loneliest time

Are those moments right after you're out the door.

I never quite know when I'll see you again

It could be tomorrow, or by the end of the week.

Sometimes the stretch could be days on end

(Sometimes it could be weeks)

It's in those moments I whisper a prayer

Amidst the tears I cry

I ask the Lord to keep you safe

and for Him to stay by your side!

I head back home to deal with life

(And sometimes without much help)

Someone needs mow the grass, take care of the kids

Plus the bills sure don't pay themselves!

Some might think this life I live

Is far less than I 've planned

But unless they have walked in my shoes

They never will quite understand!

You have a job to do, I sure know that

You need to keep those wheels a turning.

My job here as the one you love.

Is to keep those home fires burning.

So I'll patiently wait to welcome you home

(even if it's late at night)

I"ll be here waiting with open arms,

. . .That's my life as a truckers wife!

Yes I am going from "Trucker's Wife" for 13 year to he's home everyday and even has weekends off. Needless to say it's a bit of an adjustment. I have to wonder if in a couple of month's time I'll be writing about...

Honey I love you, but would you please stay out
You are driving me crazy, (and I don't mean to pout)
I want some time to miss you, Between the days I see
You hogging the remote, For our only TV.

I don't care what game is on, (or cheer for a Nascar driver)
I want to see Criminal Minds, and root for the next Idol!

I've had the house for so long, all to myself
I think knick nacks belong, on top of the shelf.
Not tools or stuff that you think you need
They are really quite ugly (now don't you agree?)

I'm glad you are home I really I am
I don't want to go back to the over the road thing again
But do me a favor, now would you please
Let me miss you a "little" I have a house to clean!

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