Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday my daughter graduated from 8th grade. Family and friends came to our church to help us first with the ceremony and then celebrate my daughters accomplishments thus far. I remembered my excitement with the announcement "it's a girl." Visions of pink frilly dresses, ribbons and bows filled my head immediately. You soon grew out of that, wanting instead to express your own sense of style (normally adorned with bright, sometimes tacky jewelry.)

Yesterday you looked lovely. The simple cut of your dress looked fabulous on you, and the jewelry you picked out was the perfect touch. You loved your shoes. The heels a good compromise between what you wanted and what I preferred.

Yesterday you thanked me for giving you a love of reading and I remembered how excited you were when it first "clicked," now it's hard to get you out of a good book.

Yesterday you thanked your father for helping you not only find answers but understand them. I remembered you struggling with math and numbers and Daddy patiently helping you with your schoolwork.

Yesterday you thanked your family and friends for being part of your life and I think of how you love PEOPLE just like your mom and the thoughtful way you try to encourage everyone and include everyone!

Yesterday you told everyone how your grandma gave you a love for music. Then you shared your love with all of us. Playing your violin, the beautiful music filling the sanctuary.

Yesterday you got a cell phone. Laughing with your friends as they tried to call you while you were opening your present.

Yesterday you shared with everyone how you know God is with you and that with God you can do anything and everything. I remember us praying together when you asked Jesus into your heart because you wanted Him to be a part of your life forever.

Yesterday you shared with family and friends of your desire to go to another country. Telling how you are saving up to go on a mission trip. Believing the Lord is leading you there. As you shared that I had to remember to trust the Lord with your life and your future.

Yesterday I wondered where had my baby gone, I only caught a glimpse of her in that smile that has held me captivated since it first flashed my way.

Yesterday I saw my daughter grow up before my eyes and today I rejoice. For the little girl of yesterday is becoming a beautiful young woman of God!

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