Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feed my starving children

Jesus says "when you have done to the least of these you have done unto me"...

Friday my kids and I had the privilege of celebrating her friends birthday. What did this friend want? Was it clothes or make-up?...nope Video games or itunes gift cards? again. Or even an some type of electronic ______ still no.

She didn't want a gift. She wanted some of our time and labor. We were invited to celebrate her birthday by working at Feed My Starving Children. This wonderful ministry packs food to send all over the world. They have figured out how to mass pack a nutritious meal for $0.19 a piece. Their work relies solely on volunteer labor and we got to be a part of it!

When we arrived our group was just waiting to get in. After registering, donning a hair net, we watched a short video telling about the ministry and what we would be doing (and why we were doing it.) Then we washed up and got ready to learn about our assignments. Everyone had a role from labeling bags, to weighing and packaging the food, there were jobs for all! (I was the "sealer" basically worked an industrial seal a meal :)

We worked for about 2 hours and had a blast! They had system to help us work to the best of our abilities and music to keep us energized! When it was all said and done we packaged enough food to feed 64 orphans for an entire year!!!

What an awesome way to celebrate encouraging your friends and family to work on behalf of the poor! It was a day I won't forget!

If you would like more information on Feed My Starving Children check out their website! They have a schedule for volunteers, as well as other ways to help!

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