Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where I've been

Life has been a bit crazy for me!

End of July I went to CHA and the Supershow with some dear friends. We had a blast. To read more about my adventures check out my guest blog post on Scrapbook Update. Cover's all the "things I did for swag." I also got to have some fun with my Fiskateer Friends at the Supershow
You can read about it (Here and Here) I have more pictures I need to get them uploaded some place (but you'll find a few of me mixed in with the groups!) Oh and then Rebecca, Merlene and I did some major world traveling you can read about it Here

Because life is NEVER boring around here I got home from my world travels, CHA and the Supershow and my husband decided he needed attention! (You know how they get, mom's away for a week, hubby feels lonely so when mom comes home...) Hubby got sick. At first we thought it was the flu, but a quick tummy poke on my end diagnosed him correctly. "honey you need your appendix out"...and he let me drag him to quick care. Yup I was right. So the 2nd week of August was spent living out of yet another hospital. I will admit I got spoiled with mom's trips because there is a good coffee bar with smoothies and really good cranberry muffins! The local one...not so much.

Hubby is doing better and has been released to "light duty" (another 4 weeks of) but at least it means some income coming in. While he went back to work I was busy with the Scrapbook Expo in St. Charles you'll see a cause near and dear to my heart sponsoring the baggage check. Operation Christmas Child. I was the coordinator for the event. Oldest daughter and 7 of my pals (and fellow Fiskateers) came to work with me to baby sit the luggage, scrapbook a bit, and do some shopping all while collecting supplies to help fill shoeboxes. We collected 5 huge boxes as well as some cash so the event was a success in my book!
Getting ready to load the van!

In the middle of all that I have been riding my bike. I wrote about the challenges and the effects at Faithfully Yours for the blessing challenge this month.

So that's been the past month in a nutshell. Life has been crazy, but could I ever expect it not to be???


  1. Great write-up! I enjoyed spending time with all of you at CHA!!! Glad that your husband is feeling better.

  2. Looks like you had a fun trip. Just blogging around and found your blog, thank you for letting me visit.


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