Tuesday, October 5, 2010

True creativity is never neat!

Mom used to quote to me all the time "true creativity is never neat!" I know that's the case cause I am a VERY messy crafter, I like sitting in the middle of all my stuff (normally on the floor) have everything within reach easy to get to the next piece of my project or the adhesive to stick it together. How come though when even I have to "clean up" the craft area I find bits and pieces of projects that somehow "fit together" to form something new?

I'm suppose to be cleaning up the area and trying to pack for the class I'm teaching tonight (Cricut 201) as well as getting samples together for my etching class (plus hubby's tolerance to the chaos finally reached it's peak...;) but some how I keep finding a sheet of cardstock here and an embellishment there or a bead and so far have managed to create a 2 page layout a couple of pins for friends and found a box of goodies for a prize I even managed to squeak out a card. I will say you can now walk through my miniscule niche of the house (because I made a path not cause it's clean...;) so at least thats' a start right?

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