Friday, January 14, 2011

Let it snow!

I LOVE THE SNOW (I don't like the cold but do love the snow!) I even have a child named "Winter" just to show you how much I love the season. I love how each snowflake is an individual creation, no two are alike. I love how the flakes look like lace when they land on a frozen window. I love how clean and fresh and white everything is under a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

Around the holidays we had TONS of snow, we even had enough to go sledding. Soon though all of it melted and looked like it never was...well except for the mud and the slushy dirty piles. It made me really sad.

To celebrate my love of those beautiful white flakes I altered this mini sleigh. After painting the topside red (Tim Holtz Crackle distress paint in brick red) and painting the rungs silver (silver acrylic Plaid) I attached ghost shape snowflakes, before I attached them I coated the backsides with icicle Stickles let that dry and then used a couple of dollops of hot glue to hold in place. For the "let it" I got out my trusty Dymo lable maker and spelled out a couple of words I did need to attach these with glue dots because they didn't want to stick to the plastic of the snow flakes) (I guess it was to bumpy.) The chipboard letters were inked silver and then dipped in embossing powder and heated (I did this a couple of times to give them a bit more oomph) attaching a white prima flower with some more glue dots and some ribbon I called it a wonderful tribute to my favorite form of precipitation!


  1. Love the decorated cute.

  2. Beautiful all of the silver. We have about 4 fresh inches up here...looks like more coming this weekend.


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