Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It just happened...

Sigh...I've really been trying to clean out my crafting area. Really I have. I have a class, a visit to CKC St. Louis to work with Epiphany Crafts and a crop all coming up in April and I NEED to find space to work and sort and it's well all over my living room and the living room isn't that big! I started this project a week ago and still am finding myself about 40% till "done" and no end in sight. It might have something to do with those darn papers and embellishments finding their way to each other like long lost lovers. Crying out "Turn is into something fabulous" Before you know it the adhesive is in my hand and I'm scrapbooking...far be it from me to deny them their due.

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  1. Betsy,

    It is so sweet of you to let those papers and embellishments live the life they have been dreaming of! Good luck on keeping the rest of them away from each other until that final 40% is knocked out!


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