Friday, October 14, 2011

US of F Illinois

Wow, where do I start?? The day was amazing. Bright and early a fabulous team of hostesses showed up at the church to help decorate, set up and get things ready for 40 some fiskateers (and 4 fiskateens) that were attending the event. Our set up time flew by all too quickly though and soon fiskateers started showing up ready to craft! The "senior most" fiksateer Misty #33 met gals at the door and gave them a welcome goodie bag. Lori #5613 was available to collect their cards for Operation Write Home.

After finding a seat, their first stop was with Dot #6703 where she not only did a make and take with them (showcasing her fabulous rosettes) but made name tags using the new "snip-snip" squeeze punch. After our group was done with that Alex #3614 played a "getting to know you game" were we found out some fun snippets of info about our fellow fiskateers. From there we tested our knowledge of "trivial state facts" with an Illinois Quiz. The better you did on the quiz the sooner you got to choose your prize.

Three unsuspecting Fiskateers that found a pumpkin punch inside their table favors were the lucky contestants for our very own version of "Minute to Craft it" They were given 10 minutes to decorate a wooden frame using items from the "Trash to Stash" table. (People could bring in their cast off and ununsed/unwanted supplies and hopefully find them a new home, after all one persons trash can find it's way into another one's stash!) The 10 minutes flew and Linda #3567, Helen #7288, and Mandi #4722 shared with us their lovely frames and told us a little of the inspiration behind their decoration. After the competition the Trash to Stash table was open! It was CRAZY from 1 1/2 foot piles stretching down 16 feet of table to a few scattered pieces of cardstock and some sticker sheets in a matter of minutes!

When the craziness died down, the fabulous Ashani #4682 our food coordinator announced that lunch was served. After lunch there was more time for crafting, including another make and take. Everyone got to compare Fiskars trimmers including the new LED trimmer while creating an adorable pumpkin with me and then a surprise "pop quiz" on all things Fiskateer! We finished our time together with a couple of group photos. Before we knew it, our time together was over and we were hugging everyone goodbye!

We are already talking about when we can meet again because we had so much fun! Thanks to everyone that came out to spend the day crafting, making cards for Operation Write Home (We collected 155 cards!!) and just being fabulous! The day was truly special!!!

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