Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fools

Yup, it's that time of year again, when the kind, good hearted, mommy that I am, turns into a trickster! This year my inspiration came from an American Girl doll. (Well mini food for that American Girl doll :) Since April Fools Day falls on a Sunday I'm kinda limited on time to mess around with food and all so enter in the donuts. Not just any donuts, mini donuts. The idea is to tell the kids "cause we have to get out of the house early I picked up donuts for breakfast and that they can find them on the counter."

Now any trick has to have some background work, you will need:

2-3" x 4 " pieces of cardstock (I used white)
Glue Dots
Score Board (or a way to score the cardstock)
15 Cheerios (or similar shaped cereal)
White frosting
Toothpick if desired

With one piece of cardstock you will score at 1/2 " on all four sides.

The other piece of cardstock  will be scored at 5/8" on all four sides.

Next you will cut to the score line along the shorter score. (Cut on the left side on all four sides-see photo)

Then fold along all of your score lines. Fold the small tabs you created on the inside of the sides of your box. Use a glue dot to secure. Repeat with the other piece. You will notice one box is smaller than the other. You can fit the pieces together now to form your mini doughnut box.

Now onto the doughnuts:

Using the frosting, lightly dip the cheerio into the frosting and then into the sprinkles. If desired you can take a tooth pick and round out the center of the donut, but it isn't necessary.

Repeat with the other cheerios, and then place in your box. Close it up and get ready to have some kids mad at you (especially since they are now expecting donuts!!)

I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not only doing this for my kids, I'm going to bring them in for my kids in Children's Church tomorrow too! (I even have it as part of the object lesson for our Easter Story!) I'll let you know how it goes...or if I have to buy lots and lots of donuts! ;)

April Fools

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  1. Okay...those are adorable! How in the world could they be mad at you?
    Minus the fact that they only get one Cheerio for breakfast...and you didn't follow through with actual donuts...and...
    Well, nevermind. But they ARE cute!


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