Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reusable Usables!

The one thing about having the reputation for "being crafty" your friends are constantly looking out for you.

"Hey Bets wanna take a road trip I found a store you will LOVE!" This was the message my friend Amy texted me a couple of weeks ago. She was driving to meet her kids and had some spare time to wander around and found a store that was a bit different.

Reusable Usables

When you walk into the store you immediately notice there is something different. Gone are the typical rows of brand new crafting supplies, instead you are met with supplies, leftovers and other treasures that might otherwise be tossed aside. The goal of this store is to "Engage a mind and save a landfill."


 Shelves are filled with not only industry leftovers of paper, binders, clips and desk supplies, but remnants from upholstery/decorating stores and even others cast off crafting supplies.  There was no ending to the variety and types of supplies and treasures you could find! I managed to pick up, some wooden doll heads, several needles for my sewing machine, a few beads, and even an entire book of silk fabric swatches! For good measure I tossed in some 15" chipboard circles to give to my girls' violin teacher (she uses them to help kids with their foot position.)

All supplies are purchased by the pound and you purchase a pound pass to use at the store. A 10 pound pass was reasonable for $10 and any leftover is kept on account to use at a future date. Their inventory is constantly changing so there may never be the same items twice, meaning if you see it there pick it up when you can!

The walls were adorned with jewelry, and artwork by local artists. Many of the pieces created were made using supplies from around the store others were not only hanging to inspire but many were for sale as well. The store likes featuring artists that use scraps, recycled, and repurposed materials.

Seeing all these supplies not to mention the artwork on display instantly put me in the mood to craft. If I would have had more time I could have. The store also features a craft room with not only space, but supplies to use as well. You can pay for what they call a "Drop in Art" or even sign up for the many classes the store offers.

 I left Reusable Usables with my mind awhirl of ideas and a desire to go back next chance I have. I just need to convince my pal Amy to let me ride along on the next trip to Iowa!

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  1. I love stores like this! They are the best way to jumpstart creativity and move out of a rut!
    The fabrics sound like so much fun!


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