Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Dish Gardens

This project was floating around pinterest last year and we decided we just had to make them! We loved the idea of a living growing reminder of Jesus' death and resurrection at Easter.

Supplies needed:

1 large flower pot saucer or dish
1 small 2-3" flower pot
Potting soil
Grass Seed (hardy shade loving variety we found worked best)
1 large stone
6- twigs 3-4 inches in length
cutters or scissors

1) Place a layer of pebbles in the dish to help with drainage.

2) Pour some of the potting soil into the bucket, add water. Mix well.  Careful with how much water you add, you don't want it runny, you just want it to be able to hold together when you make a pile.

3) Lay your small flower pot on its side and then using the potting soil, pile the soil all over the flower pot making a "hill" leave the opening of the flower pot and the stones in front uncovered.
4) Cover the soil with your grass seed pressing it into the soil with your hands.
5) Using the twine tie two of the sticks together forming a cross shape, trim up if necessary. Repeat with other twigs.
6) Place the crosses in the dirt as shown,
7) Mist seeds thoroughly with water
8) Continue to mist daily, seeds will sprout in 7-10 days.

Enjoy your living reminder of Easter!

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