Saturday, January 18, 2014

CHA Mega Show 2014-Sights around the show!

While the reports from back home were telling me of the cold and snow, I enjoyed the 70 degree temperatures and sunshine, the palm trees swaying in the breeze.  Well at least on my way to the show! Other than that I was too busy to enjoy the view out of my balcony!

Every once in awhile you see something created at the show that defies your "limits" for a project. The largest thing I have ever created out yarn was a giant spider web stringing and knotting yarn through all the surfaces, handles and what not of my bedroom when I was four. For those wondering my inspiration, I wanted to be "Charlotte" from the book Charlotte's web and was creating her web.  You don't need to guess at the inspiration behind these yarn creations, Lion Brands used the "Wonders of the World" The Taj Mahal, Tower of Pisa, The Spinx, Stone Hendge and more all knitted or created out of yarn. The amazing thing to me was they were created out of yarn (well they used forms for shape.) 

The Taj Mahal  in yarn! (you can see the "Tower of Pisa" in the back)

The sphinx also in yarn (the Pyramid is in the background)

Several years ago I taught a class called "Duct Tape Art." I loved that class. Each week we would learn to create something out of Duct Tape. My Jr/Sr High school students, loved using the ordinary and turn it into something they have created.
Did you know there is a "Duct Tape bus"? 

I love flowers and bling which is why I could just gaze for hours at Prima Marketing's booth. To the point I have to set a time limit on how long I can look! All of the projects were my favorite. Each one more lovely than the next until I came back to the one before and it became lovelier ;)
A gorgeous project from Prima!
Some more Prima lovliness.
One bus I wouldn't mind being thrown under ;)

I love my Mod Podge. So stopping by for a quick "photo op" with Glossy their mascot while I was running between activities was a must.

Me and Glossy the Mod Podge mascot! 

Like the yarn sculptures out of yarn, sometimes you see something that gives you a "eureka" moment. My friend Angela Daniels aka "The Guilty Crafter" now works with Rit Dyes. She has been posting sneaks of elements from their booth. Including furniture and a baby grand piano all of which have been dyed using Rit Dyes. Takes their product to a whole new level for me.

I love how Rit used their dyes to decorate everything in their booth.
Button, button, "who's got the button?"Button's Galore sure did and their flowers were gorgeous in this display!
The adorable display at Buttons Galore and More!
During a press event at "Spellbinders" Stacey Caron said something about the redesign of their booth. "For crafters, crafting isn't just a hobby, it's a life style." They wanted to reflect that in everything displayed in the booth. So you didn't see actual dies and product on display in their booth. The entire booth was what was created with their dies and products! 
Stacey talking about the product used to create the booth!
Check out the light made from Mason Jars

The detail on this purse,
it used dies and letter press for the detail on the fabric

Loved the "people"

Even the chandelier 

They did have projects on display too, in their craft room!


  1. Wow! So many amazing things that you saw there! Thanks for sharing them Betsy!!

  2. Betsy you had THE BEST review and photos of CHA! Wish I would have seen/known you have this wonderful blog.


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