Thursday, December 12, 2019

Necessity is the mother of invention

So I went to use my trusty Marvy Echida heat embossing gun this morning. I innocently plugged it in and then it went "poof," sparked, caught on fire and melted the cord. Now I'm not an electrician, but I'm smart enough to know I probably shouldn't use that embossing gun again...
R.I.P. 1999-2015
 Yet I had hearts covered in embossing powder waiting to be heat set...then I remembered!!! Back in the days "BG" (before heat gun) now we are talking ohhh 16-17-18 years ago or so, we played with embossing powder  and melted it using the heat from the toaster. So off I trekked my powered covered hearts to the kitchen to see if I could get it to work.

I had to be careful not to burn my hand. I used a piece of scrap cardstock, but though one toaster cycle (on level two, or lightly browned toast) I was able to heat set all 9 of the hearts I made. I made sure to keep the cardstock about 2 -3 inches away from the toaster (It looks closer in the photo) I also made sure to check the back side occasionally for scorching.

But as you can see, it worked!!
 Now the only question remains...anyone have recommendations on a new heat gun??

*Author only used this method as she was in a bind. She does not endorse said method, and advises anyone reading this to try so at their own risk!

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  1. Hahaha! I've never used the toaster, but for many years (like, until 6 months ago when I got my first heat gun) I used the iron.


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