Friday, March 6, 2015

New Product SNEAK PEEK Mod Podge Mod Melter!

The last two weeks or so I have been have loads of fun playing with a new tool from Plaid, the Mod Podge Mod Melter. Now everyone knows I LOVE my glue gun, but let me be one of the first to say the Mod Melter, takes traditional glue guns to a whole new level.

For starters the Mod Melter, can be used as a traditional glue gun with mini high temp glue sticks, but what makes it unique is that the Mod Melter is designed to use vertically.  Traditional glue guns are hard to see around when gluing your project, the Mod Melter is designed to be used above project with the glue flowing downward, meaning you can see exactly where you need to glue.  If the vertically design wasn't enough, Plaid added a longer cord (6ft.)  an on/off switch, a silicone safe tip, and to make holding the tool more comfortable an even a larger trigger, and silicone grip. In addition to it's gluing abilities, the Mod Melter is designed to use Plaid's Mini Mod Melts to create a whole array of embellishments for your crafting projects. Mini Mod Melts, look like a traditional hot glue stick and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Once I practiced with the melter a couple of times getting used to the trigger, I was ready to attempt filling some Mod Melt Molds, these detailed silicone molds are designed to create resin looking embellishments with the melts.

My first attempt wasn't too bad. After they cooled (recommended time is about 10 minutes.) I found them to pop easily out of the mold, any "extra" hardened mod melt was easily removed with a pair of sharp scissors.

I loved the look of the "milk glass" sticks, the detail shown in the pieces reminded me of a cameo, so my first project I took a ring tray and made a faux cameo ring. To start i created my "shell piece" out of the white milk glass, I allowed this to thoroughly cool. Then I filled the tray of the ring with pink mod melt. I left a bit of space around the edges to allow for spreading. Then I embedded the white piece into the pink. As I carefully pushed the white piece into the tray, the pink mod melt spread out to fill the tray completely because it was still in it's molten stage.

The result a "faux cameo"ring. I can't wait to try this with different shapes and base colors.

 From the ring, I moved onto a project near and dear to my heart, embellishments for hair pretties. I pack shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child, and we love putting hair accessories into the girls boxes. I was given a bunch of plain clips that needed something extra. After creating some bows out of ribbon and hot gluing them into place, I added Mod Melt decorations to the centers of the hair bows. The shapes added a perfect finishing touch.

Even though the Mod Melts come in a variety of colors, you can paint and ink them to the color of your choosing. Here I simply rubbed some alcohol based ink over the owl with my finger. The color collected on the raised edges showing the detail of the piece.

My favorite project of my Mod Melter adventure, is this 8 x 10 canvas. I loved the mini frame molds, and thought mini "gilded" frames showcasing my family would be fun. So taking the frames, I simply painted them with gold acrylic paint. When finished I used them to frame mini prints of my family as the focal point of my "family canvas"

The Mod Melter will be available Mid March on Plaid Online and on and March 9th. Be sure to check out my blog next week for more on the Mod Melter!


  1. Great projects! Love your explanation and tips on the products :) SO much FUN to play with...hmmm...need retail therapy (lol!).

  2. Love your projects Betsy! Looks like you had fun! Think I might need to have this!....haha! I already love the mod melters!

  3. Wow! The melter is really something very different than anything out there. I love making embellishments. Thanks for the great info.

  4. Awesome! I love the thorough explanation. Great review!

  5. How many watts is the mod melter?


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