Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Painting party!

I have always wanted to do one of those "Painting parties" because I have always wanted to learn how to paint. While I enjoy designing and project work, creating something that looks like something or basically something  from nothing has always alluded me. So mustering up my courage, I convinced my friend Ashani to come along.

We arrived to about 30 women all anxious to get started. It seemed like many of them already knew what they were doing and had started. I was asked to pick out a photo of the painting I wanted to do and then choose an easel. I did

 I loved the colorers of the background in this painting and the little girl swinging. So I went for broke and selected that. Then I sat and waited for instruction...that didn't really come. If it wasn't for my friend and the gals across the table from me encouraging me to take another sip of wine and "just paint,"  I think I would have been in tears by the time it was over. (It was a rough night.)

The lighting in the restaurant it was being held at was awful, the instruction was minimal to none. Sadly our instructor was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the class and spent time tallying up how much money she was going to be making from the event, vs. helping the budding artists. She showed us one technique and then said...'well I really didn't do that right but you get the idea."

Negatives aside,  I enjoyed the concept and event. I  liked being able to "paint" and spending time being creative with my friend!  I did finish (well almost...never did add the girl on the swing) and it wasn't half bad. I would love to try this again but maybe with a different instructor.

As I said the lighting in the restaurant was bad so this is the only picture of Ashani and I with our creations.

My kids decided my painting looked "spooky" kind of a windy, dusk is falling lonely night. Not the look I was going for...but all things considering it wasn't half bad.

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