Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Chocolate Chip Valentines Roses

Now I like flowers just as much gal, but I really like chocolate! And who doesn't like a really GOOD chocolate chip cookie. I mixed up the best of both worlds and made "Chocolate Chip Cookie Valentines Roses." These are super easy to do and only take a few minutes to show your sweetie how much you care.

Supplies Needed:

Chocolate Chip Cookies (preferably fresh baked)
Cake Pop Sticks
Red Cellophane/plastic wrap (I used red treat bags cut up)
Florist Tape
Wired Leaves.

Start with a fresh baked cookie and insert a stick into one side parallel to the bottom to make it into a "cookie pop". Then lay your cookie on a rectangle of red cello. (approximately 6"x 10")

Fold in half over the cookie and begin twisting and rolling the side of the wrap down one side of the cookie, repeat on the other side. (I compare this to twisting long hair.) When you complete both sides, twist all of the wrap around the stick.

Using the floral tape secure the wrap to the stick. I like to secure it at the top, wrapping it flat a couple of times and then begin to slowly twist downward, covering the entire stick.

Add a wire leaf and wrap more floral tape to cover the wire.  Add your cookie roses to a box or basket for easy giving!

There you have it the best of both worlds!  Hope your sweetie enjoys them as much as mine do!

This weekend I am meeting with the Operation Christmas Child,Upper Midwest Region Area Coordinators and Staff for a planning weekend. So I made each a cookie pop and turned them into a "shoebox floral arrangement"

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  1. What a great idea! I'd love to receive a bouquet of cookies.


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