Monday, October 11, 2021

Easy Thumbprint Braclet with Grafix Arts Shrink Film

Designer Crafts Connection
and Grafix Arts teamed up for a blog hop! 

 As a creative mom I was (am) always looking for cute (and easy)  grandparent gift ideas. This Thumbprint Bracelet fit the bill!  Grafix Arts Shrink Film is the star of this project, shrinking already cute thumbprints down even further! 


Grafix Shrink Film
Willing Kids (or non-willing that you have bribed ;) )
StazOn Solvent Ink (color(s) of choice)
2" outline heart shape printed on paper (this is to be used as a tracing guide)
Sheet of scrap paper
Black Permanent Marker
Hole Punch
Heat source to shrink film (Oven, Toaster Oven, or Heat Gun)
Parchment Paper (If using oven)
Baking Sheet (If using oven)
Jump Rings

Begin by placing the Grafix Shrink Film over the printed heart shape. You will use this as a guide for the placement of the thumbprint. 

Grab your willing kids...

Yes I got the 27, 23, and 20 y.o. to help me!
(I do have 4 children but one decided to visit the boyfriend vs. mom ;) )

...have them ink up their thumb and have them make a couple of practice thumbprints scrap paper. This is helpful if you have a child that likes really digging their thumb into the ink. If the ink is too "juicy" on their thumb you will not see a clear print image. Have the kids (or help the kids) make their thumbprints in a heart shape overlapping the bottom corners.) (Image 1)

Using the permanent marker trace along the outline of the heart. Add any extra details, dots, dashes, or even a name and year. (Image 2)

Cut out the hearts make sure to leave a bit of clear border around the design. Punch holes on either side of the heart at the fullest part. (See photo.) (Image 3)

Place parchment on baking sheet. Place another sheet of parchment paper on top to help keep the designs flat during shrinking. (Image 4-5) 

Shrink Film design according to package directions. (I used a Conventional Oven at 350 for 2 min 45 sec) 

Allow to cool, and lay the hearts out to plan your bracelet pattern. 

Using pliers, connect the hearts together with jump rings, add a clasp on the end.  (I used what I had on hand and they were tiny, thus the double ring design. You may use more or less depending on the size of your jump rings) 


Designer Note: A 2 inch heart Shrinks down to about 3/4".   I used 9 hearts, 20-5mm jump rings, and 1 clasp to make a 9" bracelet. (Hearts in the original for reference.)



Special thanks to Grafix Arts and Designer Crafts Connection for hosting the blog hop! Be sure to check out the rest of the Designer Crafts Connection Blog  for more Grafix Arts inspiration!



Thanks for reading continue to Aim Happy!