Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the ????

So last night I was exhausted! i was ready for bed as soon as I got the kids home from Awana's and in PJ's. I crawled into bed about 9 and rolled over to fall asleep. Next thing I know I hear my cat rustling around in my closet. She sleeps in there so I didn't think much of it, Then I hear her start to climb up the clothes, UH OH....I rolled over to see what was happening. She was now in the upper shelf of my closet (that hangs over the hallway for extra storage) rummaging around. Things start flying off the shelf (at me 4-5 feet away in bed) to the point I turn on the light to see what she is doing. Rummaging around for my glasses (and not finding them in my bleary-eyed non focusing really need my glasses to SEE state) I tried to figure out what she was doing.

I still don't know. There wasn't anything "up there" (THANK THE LORD....I HATE MICE) so she started climbing down. Then hopped on my bed started purring and curled up into a ball looking at me like why aren't you coming to bed??????

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