Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simple Gifts

I love making gifts for family and friends but don't always have a ton of time. Therefore I have to look for something that is cute but fast. These binder clip photo/card holders fit that description to a "T".

I found this idea right before the MemoryWorks retreat and so I just had to make up a bunch for the Home Office Staff and the Creative Team. (From the smiles on their faces I think they liked them *grin*)

To make you simply take a Jumbo binder clip and cover the clip part with modge podge, and cover with patterned paper or card stock. Tuck your edges in and cover with a few coats of modge podge. When dry, use glue dots to add embellishments and then tuck in a photo or card in the silver "handle" part and voila' fast and fabulous gift. They make a cute arrangement when you use photos of different heights too.

For more detailed instructions and another idea on how to use them check out Faithfully Yours . This project is part of their Friday ezine and in the September Ministry Guide.

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