Sunday, October 5, 2008


Most of us remember Kirk Cameron from his days on Growing Pains as Mike Seaver not to mention being a teen heart throb! (I know I had at least one Kirk Cameron poster in my room...LOL) Well these days you can find him on the big screen in a movie called Fireproof. Cameron plays firefighter Captain Caleb Holt a young married man facing a divorce. Caleb feels he is a hero to everyone but his wife. After pouring his heart out to his father who then asks him "Is there anything inside of you that wants to save your marriage?", Caleb finds himself facing a 40 day "Love Dare." What he learns about his wife, his marriage, God, and most of all himself changes not only his marriage but his life as well. Hubby and I LOVED this movie! Strong message of faith and fidelity is very refreshing in today's society.

You can find more information at Fireproof

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