Thursday, October 16, 2008

Till the cows come home

One of the joys of small town country living is you never know WHAT exactly you will find in your yard or on your street. The kids were outside airing out their tents for the retreat this weekend when my youngest came in and told me "Mom there's a cow in the field!" Sure enough, by the time I went to look the cow was walking through our yard onto the road. The cow looked like she knew exactly where she was going. Considering we have a locker plant in town I'm hoping she wasn't making a break for freedom!

I went to grab the camera to snap a pix and the cow was now joined by an ATV, shortly thereafter I was bombarded with 3 or 4 cars/trucks in hot pursuit all asking "which way did she go!" I'm hoping "Ole Bossy" did finally reach her destination!

Updated to say.....Well the cow shook the trucks and decided to come and hide out near our tree fort... but seeing that I was trying to help "the people" took off running again.

Updated again....I just talked to the owner of the locker plant...she was an escape' so RUN BOSSY RUN...


  1. she was heading to Califorina because we all know that Califorinan cows are happier!

  2. Oh my gosh Betsy that is so funny! Run Bossy Run!! :D


    Send her my way - we'll hide her!



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