Monday, October 13, 2008

a cat, a dog, and a freshly painted wall

So we got a dog (totally different story but for those wondering she is staying...) and we have two cats. One of the cats likes the new dog one does not again totally different story but very important to the rest of this tale....So as many of you know my house is in total upheaval and it was a BIG surprise because it was just decided on Wednesday to do all of this. So we have been trying to get walls painted. But considering part of the area in the now living room is also my scrapping area. I had to take down and MOVE my ENTIRE area. PLUS the other typical living room stuff. My house isn't that big so we basically have a 2 foot path through out the house to walk. Well we have had dog (Her name is Sarah BTW) for about 1 1/2 weeks now. My cat Cali and the Dog have come to the agreement that whereas Cali really doesn't like dog baths, the big woof won't hurt her so she's "ok"

Well we have blocked off the room being painted with the dogs cage so she still has her "house" and can SEE us but can't get into where we are painting. One of the kids moved the cage to the side to get into to me and didn't move the cage back. The next thing I know is that the dog is wandering around the freshly painted wall. Well the cat wanting to see what the big woof is doing decided to follow the dog into the room.

Now do you think these animals would steer clear of the stinky smells like paint wet walls???? NO of course not. So first the dog leans against the wall not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times. As I am chasing the dog the cat not to be outdone decided to check out and see what all the rukus is. So now the cat is jumping up on the built in seat (also freshly painted) leaving lovely little paw prints on it. The dog now walks THROUGH the paint tray to go visit the cat. The cat runs over to my mom to get away from the dog. Mom who is sitting on my couch tries to grab the cat. The cat doesn't want to be grabbed so the cat jumps up on the couch with burgundy colored paws.

We capture the dog, go wash off her face, and her leg and her rump and her paw...Then grab the cat and start to wash her off. You would have thought we were skinning the cat alive for all the noise she was making. We scruffed her and then got one paw, and then the loud yelling and the purring (she purs when she is upset) and the wild ohhh I am really MAD at you look goes into her eyes and she came out fighting. Not to be outdone by a cat we go wrap her in a towel (to protect DD and myself) from the claws...and get the cat cleaned up.

We put the dog in her cage and give the cat some treats and go inspect the damage. How come when you want the paint come off easily its on there for good, but when the dog leans up against it you end up with what looks like a bad paint brush job? The paw prints on the other hand looked kinda cute on the seat granted, the last couple where the cat and the dog met up are rather interesting....

Now the ones on the couch not so much thankfully mom was able to get them off...we only have 2 1/2 walls left, thank the Lord.

but I still have 2 1/2 walls left..... sigh

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