Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Of Support teams and SUPPORT TEAMS!

So today was a hard day! I made the difficult decision to not reapply for the Support/Creative Team for MemoryWorks. I have been with them for 5 years and have enjoyed the time I have spent helping consultants and supporting the Home Office staff, but life has been funny lately and with no real time to create fabulous projects for the audition, and with other things happening taking up my time, I decided I wouldn't be reapplying. I was sad for me. I'll miss working with such a talented group of people. BUT I am so happy for the gals that made the team!!! Congrats ladies!!!!!

That being said,I was in a bit of a melancholy mood tonight when I attended the Fiskateer Chat. I was actually excited about the chat. Kathleen Reid author of "A page out of life" was the special guest at the chat. I had received the book at CHA this summer where I met Kathleen during a book signing. Let me tell you... If you haven't read it you really need to. Not only was it a fiction book without the sex, violence and such BUT it was just genuinely a really good read. I enjoyed the characters, and loved watching them grow through the book. I didn't want the story over when I finished!

You can find the book at amazon and at Barnes and Nobel. I highly recommend it!!!

So not only did I get to attend the chat BUT Wendy Jo (the fabulous Fiskateer Lead that hosted the chat) had prizes to hand out. Now I had my book next to me during chat. Right after she announced prizes, I flipped open the back of the book and though "if they do a prize knowing the number of pages I'll be set" well the very first thing they said was "first person to tell me the number of pages in the book" YEAH ME!!!! It was so cool. You know what was even more wonderful than winning, was that everyone was genuinely happy for me that I won a prize ( a very sought after prize too with the fiskateers the "square-a-licious" punch (scalloped square) It was nice to have the the support of my "fiska-sisters"

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  1. You little sneak having looked at the number of pages!! I have to confess that right before the chat I ran and got my book so I had it near for any questions for prizes, but honey you were too quick on the draw! LOL! Congrats!


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