Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Bite to the Rescue!

So my husband at times wonders WHY I have so many tools (coming from the guy that has a whole garage full makes a gal wonder....) This evening I got to use my wonderful scrappy tools to help save a living creature.

This evening my youngest son came to me telling me my cat Socks was guarding a baby rabbit. Thinking the poor little thing was dead I went to go shoo the cat away. Imagine my surprise to find the little guy sitting there in a panic, and with a broken leg! Not wanting the cat to get it I got some heavy gloves and put the little one in a box then proceeded to look up the information on animal rescue. The little guy (gal) was about the size of a hamster, it's ears were all perky and it's eyes open so it was old enough to almost fend for itself (but not around my cat!)

Knowing in most areas it's illegal to care for wild animals (including rabbits) in your home. I started looking for an animal rescue and rehabilitation specialist. Finding two somewhat in the area I put a call in and then set out to start waiting. (Wouldn't ya know it neither was home.)

When the call finally did come, we found that I was doing things right ( gotta love internet research.) The gal suggested a couple other things he (she??) could eat and then gave me the name of a Vet in the area that will treat him in the morning.

I went in to feed him and the little guy was getting quite agitated. Thus I needed to shut the lid on the box. Since it was attached and I didn't want to have to move the patient anymore than necessary, I was just going to poke holes with a knife but Benny (as the bunny has now been named) was getting quite upset at the process.

Then we remembered the Big Bite...strong enough to punch through the cardboard, long enough reach further in. I knew it would work! So my daughter ran to grab it and I started punching away! It's not pretty but it's functional! YEAH for the BIG BITE!!!!

Tomorrow (if he makes it through the night) I'll be delivering him to a vet in a neighboring town that does wildlife animal rescue. Until then Benny has limped his way into our hearts!

(For more information on the Big Bite click here)


  1. A girl can never have too many tools! Hope Benny survives the night!

  2. I agree with Shelley that's for sure!! Hope Benny is doing well this morning! Blessings and Hugs!

  3. Love your story! Are you going to scrap it?

  4. aww... thats soo sweet!!! I'm super glad! and YES!! RAWK on for Girl Scrapbooking tools!!! Let us know about Benny and how she's doing!


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