Sunday, February 7, 2010

Undercover Boss

Ok I admit it I was intrigued by the ads for the show "Undercover Boss" after the Super Bowl. The idea of the "big boss" doing jobs just like the average Joe or Jane really had an appeal to me. (Especially since my husband had a stint working for WM for all of 3 days after he first got his CDL.) It was interesting to to see someone that normally wore a suit and tie to work to don work boots (which for one job were the wrong thing to wear,) overalls, and get his hands dirty (and needing to protect his arms in some cases from needles.) I was impressed by his responses and really touched when he had to do something for all of the gals he worked with (immediately for one.)

There are so many people out there that this IS their income, it's the way they earn their money for food, rent, take care of their families and to have to deal with things like not being able to even take a bathroom break shouldn't happen. I'm glad the COO of Waste Management at least got a taste of what his some of this employees have to deal with on a daily basis and even happier he is taking steps to do something about it. I hope they truly is action to accompany those words!

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