Thursday, February 4, 2010


The one thing about being part of a crafty family is that EVERYONE gets involved in projects the other one is doing! From helping my sister make blankets for her Sr. Captains for the High School Flag Corps to helping mom create banners for Delta Kappa Gamma (an educators sorority.)
For the latest project mom came to me and said "do you have any ideas for table favors for an awards function for DAR?" ...Since there would be children receiving the awards Iwanted to make something they could take home (vs. something that would get thrown away.) Oh and did I mention I had 2 weeks to do this?
...LOL So I thought bottle cap pins would be fun! We could attach them to some treat bags and they had something to snack on and something lasting to wear!

So after putting an SOS out to Fiskateers (where several generous Fiskateers Rak'ed me some bottle caps) I got busy. The images are from the vintage workshop and the disk is titled "Celebrate America." I used the medium round and round squeeze punch to punch out the images. Then they got glued to the inside of the cap and then coated with Glossy Accents. I embedded jewels in the glossy accents when they "just started" to get tacky. After it dried, I added a pin back to each one (or you could easily do magnets.) These are really fun to make and a great kids project (If they can be patient enough to let the glossy accents dry (you could make them without but you lose the durability factor!) 105 pins later... I hope they like them!

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