Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Surprises!

Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection, spring, new life, new birth. It's a joyus time! I'm a gift person I LOVE giving gifts especially handmade ones(for those ones especially are ones from the heart) . I also love teaching my kids church kids about giving, especially gifts from the heart. For Easter we are surprising the congregation with butterflies.

The kids have spent the last several weeks working on the butterflies. First they painted the clothes pins, then they decorated them with glitter glue and gemstones and added google eyes. For the wings they filled ziplock baggies with flower seeds. Finally they assembled them pinching the baggies in the middle to form wings and adding chenille stems for the antennae attaching tags to share what they were about.

The butterflies are special for many reasons; not only have the kids made them but the butterflies help tell the story of Easter two different ways.

First Easter is a time to celebration the resurrection and new life. Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Jesus will change us into a new creation when we accept him into our life. Second the flower seeds celebrate not only spring, but remind us of how Jesus can help our faith grow more and more beautiful.

They can't wait to give them to their friends and family's next Sunday!

The poem reads:
(author unknown)
A tiny seed
just sits so still.
It hardly looks alive.
But when it's planted,
in the ground,
New colors soon arive
When Jesus lives
inside of you
He takes your
sin away
He helps your faith
in Him to grow
More beautiful
each day!


  1. Betsy--that is a cool project!! You are such a talented and creative gal!! Blessings and Hugs!


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