Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking for Kindness

It's amazing to me how the "holiday" sale season starts earlier and earlier each year. In some stores around here Easter decorations, and plastic eggs and even candy have been on display since February 15. It's funny because they have been out for so long I kind of walk by not noticing them they are part of the scenery, until one day I look at the calendar and realize "OH MY Easter is a week and a 1/2 away! How in the world did that happen?!?"

It's funny our blessing theme this month was kindness. I wasn't really sure WHAT I was going to focus on for my page. I was totally stumped. Then a couple of days ago I realized I had been seeing kindness all along, I had just taken it for granted.

This past Christmas there was one thing my daughter wanted and that was a pair of roller skates. NOT rollerblades but skates! I happened to find a pair in her favorite color (with matching knee and elbow pads, plus helmet!) She was so surprised to get them for Christmas. BUT hasn't really had a chance to use them until recently.

The weather the last week or so had been gorgeous. Sunshiny and warm enough to strap on the skates and roll down to the park to practice on the basketball court and sidewalks (the flattest surface in the neighborhood.) One problem though, my budding young skater isn't old enough to go to the park by herself. So her big brother has been taking her every single day AND carrying her skates home for her.

My son is always doing things things for his sister. Helping her with school, giving her the last cookie, taking her to the park. It's so much a part of him, I kind of ignore it. Just like those Easter decorations that have been up since the 15th of February, his actions are the norm, part of the scenery so to speak. My son had been living right in front of me what I was looking for... a blessing of kindness to be thankful for.

Clothe yourself in kindness...Col 3:12

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