Saturday, September 18, 2010

The party is over

The party is over,
The gift was a
(when she pulled it out
the guests oooh and ahhed over it!)

The theme was so cute

with Cats, hats and balloons.
And when I saw the GREEN EGGS
I was over the moon!

The guests decorated t-shirts
for the new baby "T"
And tore out a silhouette
of the "mommy to be"

There was a "bar" full of candy
From which you could choose
your favorite flavors
you just couldn't loose!

There was a trivia contest,
Lots of chatting and fun
No one wanted to leave
When the party was done!

After RUSHING to get there (I had rehearsal prior to the shower.) Then got stuck in traffic for like ever...we got there in time to slip in as the last gift was being opened...

She loved her gift. (It's fun giving things to crafty people!) Hillary was one of my first sign-language students 16 years's so sweet to see your "kids" grow up! I know she's going to make a great mom!

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  1. What a fabulous idea for a shower!! Love creative.


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