Friday, June 17, 2011

Turning 40

The fabulous "cupcake" cake and 40 cupcakes my daughter made for the birthday party she hosted for me (did I mention she's 15 and did a FABULOUS job)

YUP I did it hit a great big milestone, I turned 40. Everyone says they had a list of "things to do before I turn 40." Me not so much. I guess I was too busy living and enjoying life to plan what I wanted to do by now. Still as I approached the big day I tried to think of something ANYTHING I wanted to do. Truthfully I couldn't.

I have a wonderful family. A husband that supports what I do (and looks the other way when crafting has taken over the house,) four fabulous kids that mean the world to me. Even the rest of the family is very supportive. I run our children's ministry at church and coordinate the youth group. I get to spend time being creative and sharing that creativity with others either teaching or writing. I have wonderful friends who love me just as I am, pray for me to be all that God wants me to be and know when to kick me in the backside when I need a push :)

I am truly thankful to have lived this life for the past 40 years and can't wait to see where the next 40 take me!

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  1. Happy birthday! Best wishes for (at least) another 40 wonderful years.


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