Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Camp

I love our church camp! We spend the weekend at a fabulous campground called "Mennohaven." There is canoes and paddle boats, swimming, a gym and plenty of hiking. This year things didn't go quite as planned with our cookout. We have a hot dog roast during suppertime on Saturday and unfortunately this year it was raining. By the time the cookout was suppose to happen the campfire area was quite muddy. Having to bring 35 adults, and 30 kids (not to mention a wheelchair) into the area was going to prove to be quite a mess. The guys did well though and went and cooked hotdogs for us and we had and "indoor" picnic. The only problem was dessert. What cookout would be complete without s'mores. Since we couldn't head down to the fire and we didn't have access to a grill (or gas stove) for that matter. I improvised and used the microwave. Everyone was very surprised at how yummy they were. The marshmallows puffed, the chocolate slightly melted and the crackers stayed crisp. The only complaint was since they now knew that one could make a good tasting s'more in the microwave it would become too easy now to make them at home :)

Microwave s'mores:
1/2 Hershey chocolate bar
1 Graham Cracker (broke in half)
1 Jumbo marshmallow or 2 regular sized ones

On microwave safe plate, place 1/2 half of the cracker, then the chocolate and then the marshmallows. Microwave approximately 10-15 seconds (just until the marshmallow puffs) Top with the remaining cracker and enjoy a bit of the outdoors inside with the air conditioning!

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