Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Redbud Creek Farms

What do you get when you combine 40 or so women, a gorgeous working farm, beautiful plants for landscaping, a cute little shop, chocolate treats and peach daiquiris? (Not to mention a 100 degree day with 100% humidity. ) You get a wonderful ladies night at the Redbud Creek Farm. This beautiful farm located in the tiny town of Sheridan hosted their first ever ladies night.

Staying open late for the event we were welcomed by the friendly staff and presented with a list of sale prices and a couple of drink coupons. Then given free reign of the place. Typical "nursery" style there were plants everywhere, but unlike your typical nursery was how they were displayed. Plants decorated the walks and at first glance you thought they were part of the landscaping, upon closer inspection you saw they were actually in flower pots ready to take home and plant in your yard.

An old bike leaning against a grapevine fence

an old barn repurposed into the craft sale area.The miniature "fairy" gardens
and a beautiful pond

made this simply a wonderful place to spend the evening with friends in spite of the sweltering heat! To top it off I even found one of my favorite "paper lines" there (as a baby ;)

As I gathered my purchases and went to check out I was surprised to find I had picked a "30%" off tag making my total purchase of 2 plants and the coolest canister container ever (which is so cool it warrants it's own post,) come to a whopping $17. Not bad for a night of food, fun, friends and shopping!

For more information on Redbud Creek Farms

*updated to add...I got a call from them, I won a prize in their door prize drawing. Two tickets to their upcoming garden walk...I can't wait!*


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