Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Fun!

So what do you get when you mix 16 kids with mud and rocks and sticks?? Well an adorable Easter craft that is a good reminder of the meaning of Easter.

The idea came from a post I saw on facebook. The original was shared as a friend of a friend so I really have no idea where is originated from. It was to make an Easter dish garden.

Supplies are simple. A large dish (we used a saucer from a flower pot), rocks, 2-3 inch flower pot, a large stone, potting soil and grass seed. We made sure to use a good quality potting soil (like miracle grow) and a shade loving grass seed to avoid the whole "lots of sun light" issues some might have with a house plant. For the crosses you will need a few straight twigs, some hemp twine and garden shears.

Start with a layer of smaller stones in the bottom of the dish-this helps with drainage. Then to 1/2 half of the dish add larger stones and the small flower pot on it's side.

Wet down your potting soil till you have the consistency of well MUD. Even though the soil is messier this way it makes it easier to shape. Bury the flower pot in a mound of soil making sure to leave the side open. Put a good layer of grass seed on top of your mound of dirt. Then add your crosses.

To make the crosses, we cut down branches from my yard and then trimmed to side and bound them with hemp twine.

 Put your dish garden in a sunny window and use a spray bottle to water daily. Even after it starts grown continue spritzing. Trim the grass down as it gets to tall.

As you can see it's growing quite well we need to already trim it up cause you can't see the crosses. Simple project and great living reminder of Easter, plus it will make a great centerpiece for our Easter dinner table as well!  Happy Easter!

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