Friday, April 6, 2012

The blooming cross!

Being the daughter of the one in charge sometimes has it's advantages. One being you get to make all the fun projects twice! Our Easter dish gardens were no exception! My daughter was excited to be able to give her duplicate garden to her grandma!

Imagine her surprise though when the grass in the dish garden wasn't the only thing growing! To make the crosses I cut down branches from a shrub in our yard. Most of the branches were dead and those that were not had all buds removed and then were cut down to 3 and 4 inch lengths. We tied these together then with hemp twine.

When mom had my daughter trim back the grass yesterday they were both in for a surprise. The center cross (the one representing where Jesus died,) made of twigs that had their buds removed and then cut into 3 or 4 in lengths and tied together with twine and stuck in a pot of dirt was GROWING!

 They both were so excited to see the growth against all odds! Even more amazing to me, when mom saw it she felt such a sense of peace! She's been dealing with a lot lately and she felt like Jesus' cross growing was a sign to her that everything was going to be ok!

I hope this Easter season finds you in a place of peace as well. Let the blooming cross be an example that you too can grow, you can even bloom, in the midst of circumstances where you shouldn't be able too. There can be life after death with the power of the cross!


  1. What a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Totally awesome! Blessed by the Lord for ever & ever.


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