Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Jelly Beans

Easter is a time to CELEBRATE the resurrection of Jesus! This year with my children at church, I have tried to help them create reminders about the true meaning of Easter. While the eggs and candy are fun, Jesus is the real reason we celebrate! Yet who can avoid all the candy of the holiday? The result is telling the Easter story using the colors of jelly beans.

There are several version of the "Jelly Bean Prayer" floating around out there but our kids have learned the colors of the wordless book and I wanted the jelly beans in our lesson to match closer to that. The result is the poem "Easter Jelly Beans"

Easter Jelly Beans

Orange is for the sun He made,

to give us light and heat.

Green is for the grass He made,

soft beneath our feet.

Black is for the wrong we've done,

filling our hearts with sin.

Red is for His precious blood,

that cleanses us within.

Purple is for the time of sorrow,

He suffered for me and you.

White is for a precious life,

By His grace has been made new

Yellow tells of heaven,

and streets paved with gold.

Pink reminds us of the promise,

of the greatest story ever told.

This little bag of jelly beans,

is not just an Easter treat.

It is a picture of a promise,

of Jesus' work complete!

The kids enjoyed learning about the real meaning of Easter (while getting to much on a few jelly beans) We also wanted to share what we learned with friends and the members of our congregation. So the kids packed individual bags of jelly beans for all the members of the congregation, (tip; Brachs' jelly beans have all of the above colors) we then stapled a copy of our poem. The result was a fun (and tasty way) to share about Jesus this Easter.

Have a very blessed Easter!

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