Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Tuesday You Shall DYE!

One of the loves of my life is volunteering at the Christian Youth Center of Morris. My kids have been involved with their program for several years and I have helped on and off through the years with projects and events. The past two years (ish)  I have had the privilege of volunteering there on a regular basis. I love working with the amazing teens that cross our path and just loving on them.

Being that I volunteer there occasionally the board lets me get away with CRAZY ideas!! So that being the case I decided to see if any of the kids were interested in tie dying! Well not only were the kids but the adults were. So I set out to make a memory they wouldn't want to forget.

Having worked with a friend for several years at a homeschool group I am a part of I wanted to use the professional strength dyes for our project. I knew that would involve, presoaking in soda ash, and then using dyes that well change your skin all kinds of strange colors, but I knew to get the effects I wanted it needed to be done.

When all was said and done 30 teens and 10 adults dyed 70 shirts. In addition to dying shirts for ourselves we tie dyed shirts to put in shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! 

Their creations turned out AMAZING!!!!! It was a night none of us will forget for a long time! 

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