Friday, May 16, 2014

All tangled up!

Last year I was given a "Zentangle" book. I have always been a doodler but was enjoying the guidelines to make my doodles more "purposeful." I love the black on white look and enjoy just playing around with a sharpie on cardstock.  I love "tangling" during meetings. I find the doodling helps me focus on what is being said, it also calms me down when things can get heated ;)

The one problem with being down sick is that you have WAY too much time on your hands late at night after you have slept all day. This offered me a perfect opportunity to play.

Grabbing a canvas from a stack left over from a class, I started out with a giant letter "E" (for my daughter.) I then proceeded to tangle the inside. To finish it off, I added some washi tape to frame out the canvas.

The finished project was a fun canvas to decorate her bedroom. She LOVED it. 

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